247ProTect is a safety and security company with 65 years of united expertise in the field of risk assessment.  With our background in Security and Safety we know the criteria and the importance of safety, how to tailor make the best solutions to our products and how to avoid down-time. We provide and use the most innovative software, solutions and expertise.

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Risk Assessment | Introduction
Risk assessment  |  Live View

Risk assessment : Contact 247Pro for a carefull and thorough examination and analyzis of potential risks and hazards at your workplace. Our services also include actions and solutions to situations that might surface during a risk assessment. We assess information control and security, project management and audit risk. And we provide the necessary solutions.

FlexBox | Live Preview
Asset recovery  |  Live View

Asset recovery : 247ProTect specializes in recovering assets for the private, corporate and government sector.We recover current assets (assets expected to be converted into cash) cash and cash equivalents, trading, securities, receivables and inventory.

Fixed assets (purchases for earning profit in a business) : property, plant, equipment. Intangible assets (assets of non physical substance): patents, copyrights, goodwill, trademarks and more.

Due Dilligence | Live Preview
Due dilligence  |  Live View

When we perform a due dilligence we : Evaluate third party risk - Understand compliance concerns - Define corporate objectives - Gather key information - Validate information - Conduct a risk assessment - Screen prospects - Audit the process - Establish a monitoring plan

VIP protection | Live Preview
VIP protection  |  Live View

Through our long experience in the field, and with the joint background in 247Pro, we offer VIP services like protection and protection courses.

Introduction to executive protection


Terrorism – Threats

Room clearing drills

Defense tacticts for EP

Field training exercise

Operating – command post


Advanced operations


Formations / movements

First aid

Vehicle drills




IT Security and more | Live Preview
IT security and more  |  Live View